Customer was auditing the whole product performance test.

Who we are?

HAVEDEER was establish to be an outstanding manufacturer of paper bags, gift boxes. Currently, our products mainly involved in Wedding favor boxes, cake boxes, Wine boxes, Wine bags, Kraft bags, Shopping bags and non-woven bags. Material such as: art paper,coated paper, kraft paper, flat sheet of paper, cardboard etc. Most of them are being exported to Europe, Japan. USA,UK and Australian. Any questions, please let me know.

HAVE DEER Company-Your best Source for Packing!

have deer workshop

5S management. We also pay more attention to ensure the safety of staff.

machine workshop

HAVE DEER machine workshop is for measure, cut,wrapping and so on.

cutting machine

Many sets of cutting machine. Work from paper, cardboard,and so on.

Why us?

  • More than 10 years experience.
  • Specialize in packing .
  • Criteria and performance required in the market.
  • Assured by our OEM oriented world-class production line.

Each bags is made with recyclable cardboard and includes industrial recycled content


Bubble bags are used for every package.


Customer was auditing the whole product performance test.

Where we are?

  • Factory is located in Jinhua.
  • Head sales office is located in Yiwu. A major part city of China.
  • Take care for all customers, offering quality products,listening to customers want!!

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