In life, the most common paper packaging: paper bags, paper boxes, dust paper, cardboard boxes and cards. As shown.



Dust paper

Dust paper is the general use of tissue. That is we often say the tissue paper and copy paper. Or low-weight sulfuric acid paper and kraft paper, Some clothing and footwear paper bags.

Relatively speaking, tissue wrapping paper as a common dust paper. Its light texture, the price is very cheap, commonly used in jewelry, leather goods, clothing appearance dust, directly set in the product. The weigh is generally 17-20gsm.

Sulfuric acid paper and more for the production of paper bags. A lot of ordinary clothes prepared buckle bags made of plastic bags ziplock bag. Sulfuric acid paper to do with the deduction bag are high-grade goods.



Paper bags

The material of the paper bag: white cardboard, kraft paper, black cardboard, copper paper and specialty paper.


Ivory board: strong and solid white cardboard, a higher degree of stiffness, bursting and smoothness, flat paper. Commonly used thickness is 210-300 gram of white cardboard, with up to 230 white cards. Paper bags printed with white cardboard, full color, the texture of the paper is also very goog, is your first choice for custom.




Coated paper: Coated paper is characterized by a very smooth and flat paper, white high, high gloss. Commonly used thickness of 120-300 grams. Coated paper printing and white cardboard effect. Full of bright colors, compared with white cardboard, and less than white cardboard.




White kraft paper: White kraft paper with high burst resistance, good toughness, high strength, uniform thickness color stable. 100% pure wood pulp,non-toxic, recycling. White kraft paper toughness is good and without film. Widely used in the production of clothing handbags, shopping bags. Commonly used 120-200 gram. The paper has no brightness and gloss. White kraft paper is not suitable for printing ink too much content.





Kraft paper: Natural kraft paper. High tensile strength, high toughness. Kraft paper usually yellowish, tear strength, rupture and high dynamic strength. Widely used in shopping bags, envelopes and so on. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing monochrome or color and color is not complicated manuscripts.




Coated duplex board with gray back: Commonly used thickness 250-350 grams, whiteboard side is white, gray side, the price is relatively cheaper white cardboard.




Black cardboard: A specialty paper, double-sided black. Black cardboard is characterized by delicate paper, strong and firm, folding good, smooth. Commonly used thickness of 120-350 gram of black cardboard. Because the black cardboard inside and outside are black. So can not print the color pattern. Only for bronzing, hot silver. The bags made are also very beautiful.