Packaging is one of the easiest things to overlook. Good packaging can make person buy desire, distinctive logo can also help customers deepen the impression of final consumption.



kraft zip food paper bags with window

Look at these pictures, do you have the felling that no matter what in boxes is, good or bad, right for you or not. Just for the packaging, buy buy buy!
From the material, we usually have plastic, paper, metal, glass, fabric, ceramic and so on.

Now the details analysis of packaging material as follows:


According to the toxicity, high temperature and other characteristics of the international classification of plastic products as follows:


As we know, plastic products is not good for food packaging, except PP and PC.
Due to the environment protection, more and more customers need packaging to be biodegradable. Such as biodegradable lunch boxes. Biodegradable lunch boxes is also plastic. It is better than plastic. The familiar filling starch plastics, PHA degradable plastics (life degradation additives).

Suitable packaging is very importance. Suppose the customer like your packaging, then buy your product. It is can happen thing.